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By February 20, 2019Opinion

As businesses bid to become more environmentally responsible, reducing product waste will become an even greater priority across all sectors in 2019.

This is particularly true in the logistics industry, where innovative and lasting solutions are required in order to decrease the environmental consequence of transporting goods.

Here we explain why timber packaging such as wooden pallets offers an ecological and commercially viable solution.

Environmentally friendly

The natural qualities of timber help to make it an environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Robust and hard-wearing, timber products are not only long-lasting but can be easily repaired, re-purposed or recycled. This means that products such as wooden pallets can be used extensively and then reused, offering lasting functional value and a reduction of waste.

Even when the useful life of a timber product has ended, it can still be burned in order to generate heat (as excellent alternative to fossil fuels) and can be shredded or cut for a range of sustainable uses, including products such as insulation and animal bedding.

Carbon Emissions

There is an acute imbalance of Carbon Dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere that is the primary cause of global warming, so planting and harvesting trees actually plays an important role in combating climate change.

Timber producers in Europe work to support the growth of vast renewable forests, with plots the equivalent size of one hundred football pitches planted every hour.

So by using more timber products this rate can be increased, having further positive effects on the environment. In Europe, we currently produce around 400 million timber pallets each year, saving around 12 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide each year.


For businesses that rely on transport packaging in order to perform day-to-day operations, timber products such as wooden pallets offer an efficient and cost-effective solution. The durable nature of timber goods means that they don’t have to be replaced regularly, and money can be saved from repairing and re-using wooden pallets instead of purchasing new ones.

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