An Introduction to Finite Element Analysis

By May 20, 2019Insight

Research and development is key to creating products that perform to the highest possible standards whilst offering durability and value for money for clients.

Over the past decade Nicklin has focused on making industry-leading strides when it comes to product testing and investment in our development processes, all through a commitment to Finite Element Analysis.

Here we introduce Finite Element Analysis, and explain how it helps us to manufacture superior wooden pallet and transit packaging products for our clients.

What is Finite Element Analysis?

In short, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) uses high-tech computer software and data analysis to simulate the effects of real-world forces on any pallet or transport packaging design, all within a completely virtual but entirely accurate environment.

These techniques are in use internationally across a range of sectors, including the automotive and aerospace industries.

How does FEA work?

Finite Element Analysis allows us to predict what key forces such as load compression, fork-lifting and stacking will make on the products we manufacture. This means we can determine areas of stress and weakness within a product and test the effectiveness of the solutions we apply.

Though this analysis, testing and implementation we are able to create products better suited to their requirements, improving the efficiency of the logistics process and avoiding risks such as packaging failure, product damage and health and safety issues.

Can FEA help to cut costs?

Yes. As part of our design and assessment process we are able to identify and eliminate the use of surplus material in a pallet or transport packaging application, reducing both cost to the customer and environmental impact.

How does FEA improve quality standards?

By developing products using Finite Element Analysis, Nicklin meets the requirements of UK Packaging (Essential Requirements) Legislation, ensuring the suitability and quality of our transit solutions.

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Nicklin are the first transit packaging company in the UK to use Finite Element Analysis in the design and manufacturing of timber transit packaging products.

If you would like to find out more about how we develop bespoke packaging solutions that meet the exact needs of our clients, please contact our friendly team today on 0121 359 8101.

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