Transport Technology: Global Asset Tracking and Monitoring

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Global Asset Tracking and Monitoring Real-Time Shock and Environmental Impacts

Nicklin offer global asset tracking and remote monitoring of shipments, allowing us to provide customers with real-time data regarding a specific consignment. We are able to identify when and where any adverse shock events may occur such as mishandling that could potentially cause product damage in transit. At the same time, we are able to monitor environmental conditions and factors such as temperature and relative humidity along with moisture levels of the packaging

n order to improve the quality and suitability of our packaging, it is important that we truly understand the physical and environmental demands experienced by our products in transit.

To achieve this, Nicklin have developed specialist Global Asset and Trip Monitoring technology that allows us to track and analyse every journey that our packaging products are used for.

Here we explain how Global Asset and Trip Monitoring works and how this investment helps us to design and develop innovative packaging solutions.


  • Measurement of vibration events up to 200g in 3 axis at high speed (50Hz) to understand what exposure your shipment was exposed to in each of the three axis in detail
  • Two moisture content inputs detect and alert when there are any signs of moisture ingress inside the packaging
  • Combined temperature and relative humidity probe detect and alert when conditions within the transit packaging fall outside of acceptable levels
  • Ultra-low power consumption giving the ability to continuously monitor shipments for up to one year
  • GSM modem with international roaming SIM card providing information flow with no need to communicate via third party systems
  • SD data card is a “black box flight recorder” that captures data at a greater granularity that can be transmitted over GSM and will operate when no GSM signal can be received


The environmental conditions of a journey inform the design process. We know the effect relative humidity and moisture have on the integrity of our transit packaging and subsequent requirements. By baselining the requirements of a journey, we are able to build in mitigating measures during the design process to minimise the risk of damage to products contained within the transit packaging.

GSM allows us to identify where a pack is at any time and provides us with insight into the location of any mishandling that has occurred. It also allows us to track any high value or fragile shipments, providing customers with peace of mind that their consignment will arrive at its final destination intact.

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Nicklin are proud to use innovative development practices such as Global Asset and Trip Monitoring to constantly improve the products we offer to our customers.

If you would like to find out more about how we develop bespoke packaging solutions that meet the exact needs of our clients, please contact our friendly team today on 0121 359 8101.

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