Our Response to Coronavirus

By May 7, 2020Insight, News

As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts nations and supply chains across the world, Nicklin Transit Packaging has a robust business continuity plan in place to ensure we do all we can to minimise disruption to our services, while adhering to the most stringent health and safety standards.


We have made changes to the way we operate to maintain the high level of support our customers have come to expect, while also protecting the health and wellbeing of our staff, clients, suppliers and the friends and families of the people we come into contact with on a daily basis.


Our people

Our team across both of our sites is working diligently to maintain industry leading hygiene through an agreed series of protocols and limit the impact of the crisis on our day-to-day operations and wider customer supply chains.


We have put in place a comprehensive strategy to support our colleagues through the process, prioritising their health and safety and ensuring they have all the tools and support they need, whether working remotely or on site. We have also updated our systems to ensure they can continue to offer comprehensive customer support be it on a production or account administration level.


Our products and materials

The crisis is already having a marked impact on raw material availability, but, thanks to our strategic UK-based purchasing alliance and guaranteed supply agreements for UK port landed stocks, we can ensure ‘priority’ supply of timber and corrugated products. We are also sourcing increased supplementary stocks of imported products from related Category 1 countries and continue to operate our comprehensive timber, panel and corrugated product processing facilities at both of our sites.


Our processes

Throughout this crisis we continue to operate from multi-site locations with replica manufacturing facilities and stock profile at each. Both plants also offer significant capacity flex and extensive shift capability. What’s more, our existing stock and serve platform remains accessible via existing service level agreements or by special agreement on application. We can also offer access to a special emergency ‘peer to peer’ support network for finished goods and are working with a range of external transport providers to supplement our fleet.


Our customer commitment

We recognise these are hugely challenging circumstances for our customers and it has been our priority to ensure business continuity and focus on excellent customer service to help  them mitigate the many challenges they presently face. We will of course continue to monitor developments on the crisis and will act where necessary to negate any future impact on the supply chain and customer operations.


We fully appreciate our customers may have special requirements during this period and we will endeavour to meet volume demands, procedures and protocols to ensure we continue to provide the required level of support and responsiveness they need.


Our team will be contacting customers on a regular basis to ensure our business remains aligned with their requirements. In the meantime, we wish all of our customers, suppliers and industry counterparts good health and look forward to working with them all to tackle this unprecedented challenge head on.

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