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Returnable Transit Packaging

Transit packaging can be specified as either ‘Single Trip’ i.e. disposed of once it has been unpacked at it’s final destination or ‘Returnable’ as part of a closed loop packaging system i.e. unpacked at the final destination and then returned to the starting point of the packaging loop. Returnable transit packaging can offer a number of economic and environmental benefits over Single Trip packaging. However, under certain circumstances, Single Trip packaging can still be the better environmental and economic option.

Benefits of Returnable Transit Packaging
  • The transit packaging solution is used over multiple trips, therefore reducing transit packaging costs per trip over lifetime
  • Returnable packaging is manufactured and designed to be more robust and durable, helping to reduce the risk of product damage during transit and therefore decrease customer returns
  • Returnable packaging is usually designed to be collapsible, reducing storage and transport space and the associated costs
  • Contributes towards compliance with Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 1997 as the regulations only apply to ‘Single Trip’ packaging. ‘Returnable’ packaging is exempt after it’s first trip
  • Cost savings and increased overall profitability are achieved by reducing waste disposal costs
  • A reduction in waste going to landfill, a major political, social and environmental issue
  • The conservation of energy and raw materials throughout the supply chain has both environmental and economical benefits
  • Returnable packaging is a bespoke specification and design produced with materials handling and health and safety issues in mind
  • Opportunities for brand recognition throughout the supply chain
  • Improvement to the company’s environmental credentials

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